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Successful training of the project team and end users is an important part of the AllergyEHR implementation methodology. AllergyEHR utilizes a train-the-trainer approach to user education.

With this methodology, the project leader conducts Project Team Training on all the features and functions of the modules being deployed.

After the Project Team Training, the trainer and other designated project team members develop a training strategy for training the end users.

The training strategy includes a needs assessment, plan and materials development, and training classes.

These areas are described below:

AllergyEHR provides clients with expert knowledge in the following areas:

The customer evaluates all training needs including: who is to be trained, schedule of sessions, how automation may change roles, responsibilities, and processes, and the type of training that best meets the needs of the practice (distance learning, one-on-one, group training sessions).

Training Plan & Materials

AllergyEHR creates a training schedule and communicates the different job functions at the organization and how those functions use particular areas of the applications. Training materials include an overview of process changes required and information on the product. The product documentation that AllergyEHR provides may be further customized for site-specific training materials.

End-User Training

The end-users learn about the appropriate module(s) functionality required to support their workflows.

AllergyEHR tests user retention and competency via role-playing question and answer sessions, and written tests.

AllergyEHR provides Flash tutorials for many EMR modules. These tools have been proven to be very effective for end user training.

Training Locations and Methods

Training on the EMR system is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

The AllergyEHR team works with you to provide support for ongoing training which can be provided through help desk support, ongoing refresher training sessions, or by developing a super-user network within your organization.

Classes and Tools

AllergyEHR offers desktop learning tools, online training, and workshops to focus on module-specific workflows and how the module(s) can be best used to meet the needs of the organization.

EMR clients can arrange for additional training sessions at their organization or online via webcasts, a very effective training mechanism. Additionally, AllergyEHR has training facilities at our corporate headquarters, which EMR clients can use for scheduled training sessions specific for their organizations.

Finally, AllergyEHR offers an additional training curriculum to support ongoing training needs for EMR clients.

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