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AllergyEHR Billing Made Easy!

Minimize your administrative work and get paid faster..the first time around.

Take advantage of our billing templates that automatically populate CPT codes, ICD codes, and units on all your skin testing, allergy shot, and peak flow superbills. No thought needed and time saved, it’s a win win.

Get time back in your day with our Quick-Bill feature; its easy verification interface enables quick posting of charges. And, to further speed up your clinic’s revenue cycle, we have integrated AllergyEHR’s billing module with the EHR/PM software, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). This faster cycle allows your practice to sustain an increasing payment collection while significantly reducing the risk of rejections for all your claims.

Read more about our AllergyEHR billing module and learn how to efficiently process your allergy billing. Or call us at (530) 852-0306 extension 1.

Automated billing, No more delays

Bill a batch of shots with the Quick Bill feature or automatically generate a superbill for skin testing, shots, and peak flows by using the billing templates.

Additionally, these billing templates are customizable—allowing you to do the following:

  1. Define serum billing rules by insurance.
  2. Define venom billing rules by patient.
  3. Define default CPT, Modifiers, ICDs and Units to bill for the immunotherapy shot.
  4. Assign a template for an insurance carrier or plan.
  5. Update the diagnosis codes when necessary.
  6. Create a superbill for the venom preparation and the venom shot given to your patient.
  7. Automatically create a superbill for an insurance, which ensures that the vial mixed for the shot is billed.

Less worries, More benefits

Use the automated revenue cycle management to maintain the consistency of your billing data and reduce errors without compromising time spent with patients.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy with AllergyEHR billing:

  • You save time & resources. Post the charges and ensure that all your claims are accurate without hiring more staff.
  • You effectively reduce rejections. Our allergy billing module is integrated with an internal scrubbing feature that automatically scrubs all your posted claims—reducing the risk of claims from being rejected.
  • Stay ahead of your finances. Keep track of your claims’ progress with our billing trackers.
  • Conveniently keep your patient data consistent. When your nurse gives one or more shots to your patients and you need to create the corresponding superbill, IMS enables you to use the same billing template.

More billing features for your practice’s every billing need

  • An extensive fee schedule.
  • Supports EMC and CMS 1500 (both paper & electronic claim forms).
  • Helps you collect shot copays up front.
  • Conducts pre-claim analysis.
  • Prints patient and insurance statements.
  • Utilizes auto-reconciliation (ERA).
  • Displays batch status summaries.
  • Provides an interactive aging report.
  • Tracks unpaid claims using rejection analysis.
  • Provides required high- and low-level claim reports.

Quick, easy, and ready to use —bill now!

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