About Us

About Us

Empowering our clients with cutting edge technology to meet future healthcare needs today. AllergyEHR, a subsidiary of Meditab Software Inc., an affiliate of MedPharm Services, was founded in 1998 and is one of the leading software solutions companies in the industry. For over 20 years, AllergyEHR has been continuously changing the landscape of healthcare delivery through forward-thinking, innovative collaborations, exceptional service and best in class technology. Our mission, it’s simple -- to create the most advanced, intuitive technology solutions that enable healthcare providers to practice better medicine.

We are unyielding in our effort to develop superior products that remain relevant and diversify the way healthcare is delivered beyond the office. At AllergyEHR, we strive to maximize productivity, and live to invent a new age of healthcare where technology fuels better quality of care for patients.

AllergyEHR provides clients with expert knowledge in the following areas:

  • Integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Exceptional Web-based Communications Portal
  • Comprehensive Practice Management
  • Expert Pharmacy Management
  • Intelligent Radiology Management
  • Flexible Healthcare Documentation
  • Secure Access
  • Information Assembly
  • Information Utilization
  • Regulatory Compliance

Value Added Reseller (VAR) Programs

AllergyEHR, an affiliate of MedPharm services is the developer of a state-of-the-art Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record software program for small, and medium sized healthcare practices and facilities. Founded in 1998 by practicing pharmacists and physicians, AllergyEHR, Inc. provides an innovative suite of intelligent, integrated and intuitive Software Solutions supporting the primary process of healthcare delivery. AllergyEHR revolutionary software solutions, a US Based Company, connect physicians, patients, labs, pharmacies and long-term care facilities nationwide.

Providers are empowered with key knowledge that enhance the way they conduct business and service their clients. With any one of AllergyEHR's many solutions, saving time and money becomes second nature and service continues to be the number one priority.

To apply for our VAR program you will need to fill out a VAR application located at the bottom of this page. Ideally (but not limited to), a VAR will come from a background of medical-related or technical business providing service to medical facilities and seeking to add a new revenue stream in this rapidly growing, exciting healthcare software industry. Our VARS prospect for leads, demonstrate AllergyEHR, software and products, close sales and work with local clients.

Our dedication to R & D will ensure that you are always selling the latest healthcare software technology. As a reseller, our marketing department will work with you to launch a campaign in your territory and work with you to ensure a long term successful venture.

Also, AllergyEHR, offers a lucrative referral program to those who do not want to engage in direct training and implementation with clients. With this program you can receive maximum benefit without the responsibility (maybe hassle) of starting up and maintaining a full staff of employees and other business related expenses. This is a great opportunity for medical, IT and consulting businesses to sell to their existing clients. Simply refer a client to us and we will take over from there and you will receive a generous referral fee.

Affiliate Program

Our commitment is to be:

During these tough economic times, AllergyEHR, an affiliate of MedPharm services is trying to help businesses see that their needs are met. We strongly believe that the key to our success is having satisfied customers with an incentive to refer us to other physicians. With such a goal in mind, we have come up with a new, innovative referral program that will benefit both the referrer (you) and the referee.

By referring a physician and healthcare professionals to AllergyEHR, your business will earn incentives which you can apply to your own projects. From these referrals, your business could earn enough incentives to reduce costs or even get free services.

What You Gain-

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Practice Management Software
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Back-up Services
  • Automatic Appointment Reminder Systems or IVR
  • Lab Interfaces
  • Patient Portal
  • Webpage Design and Marketing - SEO, and PPC
  • e-Prescription

To make the task of referring business to AllergyEHR even easier, we are offering a discount to referred clients as well − we will deduct a percentage of their initial project cost also. Of course, this will occur after the referral incentives are calculated to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.

Web Affiliate program:

Just place an add on your website. Earn for every inquiry that comes from your website.Just need to place a code we provide on your website that says like ‘Clinic powered by IMS’ Click to learn more. A small statement that redirects to our website.At AllergyEHR, we not only provide you cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals, but we also share our success because you matter to us!

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