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Skin Test

The Skin Test module allows you to quickly document skin test results. You can define antigens, allergens and diluents for therapy from a single screen.

  • Define custom panels, panel groups
  • Define allergens, diluents, histamines and antigens
  • Order Skin Test based on custom defined groups
  • Document Skin Tests using Wheal and Flare
  • Auto score calculation based on Wheal and Flare
  • Easy & quick access to previous Skin Test results
  • Mix Custom Panel Groups
  • Allergen level note for adding comments about each allergen tested
  • Skin Prick Testing and Intradermal Testing & Scoring
  • Easy way to prepare vaccine based on Skin Test result
  • Generate a comprehensive Skin Test report of all allergens tested for patients
  • Set score for many allergens at once
  • Skin Prick Test positives are displayed in red to avoid Intradermal Testing on same Skin Test
  • Auto generate charges/superbill based on Skin Prick and Intradermal Testing
  • Link positive allergens to their antigens for one-click adding antigens to vaccine prescription
  • Previous Skin Test results for allergen on fly
  • Visual results of Skin Testing in EMR/Visit Note with option to show all allergens tested or just positives
  • Sign off- Password protect Skin Test

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