Drug Dispensary

The Drug Dispensary streamlines the process of dispensing drugs within a clinic.

Do you face the challenge of managing in-house drug dispensing? Now you can safely and accurately dispense medications in your practice. Intelligent Medical Software Drug Dispensary is integrated with the Intelligent Medical Software EMR and Prescription modules for seamless transfer of data.

Dispensing accuracy is achieved with bar code verification. Additionally, the Drug Dispensary is integrated with Inventory Tracking to ensure your practice has a sufficient supply of medications.

Enhance patient safety...

Bar-coded verification of correct drugs.

Shorten billing cycle...

Dispensed drugs are integrated with Intelligent Medical Software Billing to ensure automatic transfer of all charges.

Increase cash flow...

Inventory Tracking allows you to maintain the optimal inventory levels.

Decrease overhead costs...

An optional secondary drug dispensing module reduces the staff time required to manage dispensing drugs.

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