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careportal Care Portal

CarePortal enables the practice to extend its reach and engage patients to play an active role in their healthcare.

Expanding the reach of healthcare beyond the office walls, CarePortal allows providers to engage patients by providing anytime access to Educational Information, Rx, Labs, Appointment, Confidential Messaging, Bill Pay, and much more. CarePortal is tightly integrated with Intelligent Medical Software Practice Complete allowing patients to access and update their secure Patient Health Record (PHR) from anywhere they have internet access including mobile devices and home computers.


  • Custom health forms
  • View & Request for Prescription renewal
  • View lab orders / results
  • Secure messaging
  • View & Request appointments
  • Online bill pay
  • Patient consent recording & enforcement

Building Your Solution –

  • Enhanced patient experience
  • 24/7 access to clinical information
  • Save staff time and increase efficiency
  • Reduce incoming phone calls and redundant paperwork
  • Offer patients convenience of completing forms online
  • Reduce office wait times

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