One of the most versatile, full-featured, and customizable appointment schedulers on the market. Staff can manage workflow with great efficiency and effectively orchestrate the resources of multiple offices - or just one.

Integrates with the array of Intelligent Medical SoftwareIntelligent Medical Software modules, allowing all users instant access to account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, face sheets, visit notes, prescriptions, alerts, reminders, notes, and more.

Adapts to procedures and workflow you're already used to...

You're busy. We adapt to you. The Intelligent Medical Software Scheduler allows easy configuration of settings to mimic and enhance existing workflow. Avoid the need to re-design your existing office operations.

Prevent un-billable encounters before they take place...

View Authorization and Referral Status at any time - when the patient first schedules their appointment or when they arrive. You can also view Authorization & Referral status for all scheduled patients with a single mouse click.

Improve patient care and minimize end-user errors...

Easily develop procedure-specific data entry prompts, alerts and patient-specific instructions.

Increase Office Staff efficiency and satisfaction...

Access all patient-related data, with a single click from the Intelligent Medical Software Scheduler screen. Re-schedule patient appointments by drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste. Future patient appointments can also be seen with a single click.

Effectively manage multi-office resources...

View schedules for all offices on a single screen. Increases work-flow functionality and gives "single glance" knowledge of the availability of all resources.

Reserve time slots for specific procedures...

Optimize complex procedures with great efficiency and consideration for individual provider procedural preferences.

Portable - for physicians on the move...

Export schedules to Windows-CE-based handhelds.

Decrease no-shows and no-show liabilities...

Built-in Interactive Voice Response (automated Patient Appointment reminders) improves patient care and responsiveness.

Secure, web-enabled "Healthcare Portal"...

Direct connection by patient to their appointment and patient information motivates customer participation in their own appointment schedule. Helps keep patient information up-to-date. Reduces scheduling workload, patient responsiveness times and, seemingly, ever-increasing staff costs.

Scheduler Details

AllergyEHR recognizes that scheduling patients in the health care arena is a complex integral office flow component that must be able to handle multiple variables and mitigate common error spots. Scheduling complexities exist even for single-office/single provider practices and are amplified significantly at multi-office/multi-provider practices.

Built to address modern scheduling needs, AllergyEHR has designed a multi-functional and highly-developed, yet flexible and user friendly Scheduling Module in its Intelligent Medical Software platform. Leaving your practice susceptible to scheduling errors can result in missed appointments, patients showing up when doctors are not scheduled, overbooking, and potentially costly patient care liability exposure.

AllergyEHR's scheduling module includes an array of features that will keep your office running smoothly, increase practice productivity, provide scheduling accountability, and provide optimum patient satisfaction:

  • Customizable scheduling parameters
  • Quick and intelligent future appointment availability searching
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly views as well as multi-doctor, multi-room, and multi-office views: allows clinic-wide schedule snapshots and access
  • User defined color-coded appointment tracking, including missed, cancelled, confirmed,and unconfirmed appointments: keeps staff members informed of all activities at a glance
  • Create procedure-defined, proactive prompts for necessary data collection and quality assurance when creating new and existing patient appointments so critical data is never missed
  • User defined setup of resources, procedures, and time slots
  • Create hospital appointments and keep track of hospital billing
  • Definable and easily viewable provider and room availability
  • Double book, cut, copy, paste, and drag/drop appointments
  • Appointment waiting list
  • View all patient details with one click: access face sheet, chart history, insurance information, reminder notes, previous appointments, and outstanding bills
  • Maintain patient demographics
  • Export schedule to a Windows CE based handheld
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – a system that automatically calls patients to remind them of appointments and logs the result of each reminder attempt
  • Authorization referral tracking based on procedure and/or insurance carrier, plan, or group
  • Auto generate letters referencing the status of appointments, procedures, doctors and/or office
  • Reserve time slots for specific procedures
  • Integrated Healthcare Portal -- patient can securely view and schedule their own appointments with specific physicians in specific offices via internet
  • Proactively assign instructions to front-office staff based on procedure and/or insurance carrier, plan, or group
  • Define combination of procedures that involve multiple resources or tasks
  • Schedule new patient without first requiring demographic data
  • Option to schedule patients based on “cases” (e.g. regular visits vs. workers comp visits)

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