epcs PDR - Physician Care Integration

Providing real-time prescription information

Making informed decisions when prescribing in IMS just got easier.

With PDR - Physician Care Integration, you can view the relevant prescribing information whenever you need it. How? By simply clicking on the PDR iconimgyou can access a real-time view of the following information:

  • Important safety information
  • Web page link for more prescribing information

Fast & informed decisions

PDR provides you with a quick and easy way of viewing prescribing information without disrupting your workflow or having to click outside of IMS. PDR adds value, and saves you time by giving you direct access to all the relevant prescribing information you need—allowing you to make smarter, informed decisions at the point of care when prescribing any drug.

PDR is integrated within IMS so you can make prescribing decisions with confidence.

Improve patient care & lower costs!

Three additional programs are:

ScriptGuide, eCopay, CareHealth Discount Card

When a drug is prescribed to a patient, if there is any discount coupon, drug information or any other patient specific information is available for that drug, IMS allows to see those documents while checking out. Also, system keeps a track of those documents for future reference.

These documents are called Prescription Saving documents in IMS.

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