Lab Interface

Lab Interface empowers you to receive your lab results electronically and upload them directly to the system seamlessly, with just a single click, when the order is placed in the EMR.

We also provide an optional in-house lab for even more time savings among staff so you can now say goodbye to manual data entry into the lab's system.

Use the lab order in IMST to print and send faxes of the requisitions and specimen labels. This is an incredible time saver and much more accurate.

Watch as your orders get sent and results are received with the lab signed off electronically.

Compare this to when you receive a paper copy of the lab results. Frequently this paper copy is sent to a fax machine and then the hunt begins to attach that result to the right chart. But the time spent doing this could be spent on more critical tasks.

With a our lab interface, you no longer have to file the lab results in the paper chart (nor scan/attach to EMR) and you don't have to worry about what to do with all those paper labs that you've signed.

The results are routed to the ordering provider as well as patient's chart.

Benefits of Lab Interface:

  • Electronic bi-directional interface (Green house effect)
  • Accurate patient match with received reports with no more manual work and risk
  • No more time delays to get lab reports
  • Receive partial results as well
  • Bar-coded requisitions
  • Graphical representations and comparisons of lab data

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