Health Information Exchange

epcs Health Information Exchange

What is HIE?

Health information exchange (HIE) is a building block to help your practice achieve meaningful use (MU) and promote better patient care. It allows you to exchange data accurately, securely, and effectively, which in turn increases the ability of your practice to meet the meaningful use objectives.

The major shift of focus in HIE from stage 1 to stage 2 shows its increasing role in MU. HIE, as part of the stage 1 and stage 2 requirements, was used to transmit patient data such as prescriptions, selective lab results, demographic data, and health education information, electronically to the patients. A closer look at the proposed stage 3 requirements shows that HIE will be a key objective measure for meaningful use. The proposed stage 3 requirements focus mainly on data connectivity and accessibility among providers.

To achieve meaningful use, you need to:

  • Promote clinical interoperability
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Maximize support for your patients
  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Improve health reporting and monitoring

Why Meditab HIE?

Our HIE solution connects you to a broad range of healthcare providers. Safe and easy to use, it is fully integrated into the EHR workflow, so there’s no need for you to log on to another portal.

Developed using the basic messaging solution of Surescripts, HIE enables you to:

  • Send and receive patient health information to approximately 170,000 clinicians within the Surescripts network
  • Share clinical messages with providers who are using other EHRs
  • Share patient information through a single, secure point of connectivity
  • Achieve meaningful use requirements through direct secure messaging
  • Easily monitor the status of clinical messages in Intelligent Medical Software through the HIE tracking screen


  • Prevent medication and medical errors
  • Eliminate duplicate testing
  • Standardize data exchange with other medical partners
  • Increase productivity and referral
  • Improve clinical integration
  • Guaranteed delivery of patient information
  • Secure medium of exchanging protected health information

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