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At AllergyEHR, real value means quickly delivering results.

The AllergyEHR implementation process drives the rapid implementation and physician utilization necessary to realize real efficiency and quality of care benefits immediately.

Our objective, simply put, is to meet your objectives.

Ultimately, after all, the AllergyEHR system that’s implemented must become your system—not ours.

Our proven implementation process develops a partnership between AllergyEHR and our clients by:

  • Helping you analyze and improve your operational functions by making the best possible use of AllergyEHR’s advanced functions and features
  • Providing a bedrock of support and training so you can take full advantage of AllergyEHR innovative technology
  • a seamless transition from your existing software to your new AllergyEHR system
  • Dedicating a highly qualified Project Team committed to your operational success
  • Ensuring that, when it’s fully functional, your AllergyEHR solution improves your efficiency, reduces your costs and enhances patient care

Our Implementation Team recognizes that the key to success is providing an organized and structured approach to the implementation—while tailoring the process to accommodate your unique needs.

We’ll often become involved early in the relationship with a client, developing a Practice Analysis and customized implementation plan to accommodate the strengths and skills of each customer.

When we begin implementation, we’ll conduct meetings to review each step of the project plan.

The Implementation Team stays in close contact throughout the process. Throughout the process, we provide comprehensive training to your staff.

If you choose, we can employ a “train the trainer” approach, so you can manage the process (and control the costs) of implementing the system in multiple sites.

Joint teams develop a detailed understanding of the ROI goals for the project and outlines dependencies on external systems/projects.

Teams then focus the project scope to meet ROI goals, engage executive sponsorship and physician leaders to form a joint team, and plan for additional technical infrastructure needs.

As part of the implementation, AllergyEHR and clients analyze current technical support capabilities, assess physician "form-factor" needs, provide training/coaching to physicians, and ensure that the client has the best environment possible for their AllergyEHR solution.

Using a "train the trainer" approach the teams prepare a classroom training environment with sufficient equipment/connectivity and ensures the client's trainers, including key IS and help desk staff, are prepared to train and support all AllergyEHR users.

After extensive "field-by-field," "end to end" and other testing, the teams train end users and bring AllergyEHR live for the organization.

After go-live, AllergyEHR conducts follow-up with all end-users to ensure that any issues are resolved and the system is stabilized.

AllergyEHR also offers post-live training services as well as a Clinical Content Library for developing templates and leveraging best practices.

Of course, once you’re up and running, we continue to support your needs—helping you maximize your use of the system and providing ongoing training for updates and upgrades.

These are available through advanced courses at select AllergyEHR offices, online via the AllergyEHR Learning Center, and at our annual User Group Meeting.

Our superior products and services have been developed to provide innovative solutions and unsurpassed value. This commitment characterizes our relationships from initial contact through implementation and ongoing support. You can count on our professional and personal service during:

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