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Meditab's Intelligent Medical Software offers a fully integrated Scheduler, EMR, Billing Tool, Electronic Eligibility Tracker, Skin Testing Module, Immunotherapy Module, Document Manager, Letter Writer, Healthcare Portal, and much more.

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Shot Schedule Template

Intelligent Medical Software provides you with standard shot schedule templates to manage your patients' shots more effectively.

Skin Test

The Skin Test module allows you to quickly document skin test results. You can define antigens, allergens and diluents for therapy from a single screen.

Shot Module

A well-defined allergy shot process can ensure patient safety and improve efficiency.

Missed Shot Follow Up

Most allergy practices cannot determine the patients that are falling off of their Immuno-therapy schedule. This can lead to poor patient care and lost revenues.

Reaction Checking and Treatment

Intelligent Medical Software allows you to quickly document reactions and any associated treatments.

Automated Immunotherapy Billing

Intelligent Medical Software automatically generates the Super Bill for shots and treatments and provides flexible billing templates.

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