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Electronic prescribing or e-prescribing should be more than just averting that 2 percent penalty for not meeting MU. With IMS, users can handle electronic prescriptions while enjoying the benefits of an integrated EHR solution.

Efficiency Through Useful Features

IMS, in partnership with Surescripts, helps you increase your workflow's efficiency through the following features:

  • Compliance tracking for plans and protocols.
  • Easy access to past or active medication lists.
  • Electronic transmission of medication orders.
  • EPCS feature for controlled substances.
  • Intuitive dosing calculator for accurate prescribing.
  • Automatic receipt of refill requests.
  • Real-time insurance verification and formulary checks.
  • Secure two-way communications with pharmacies.
  • ePA for prior authorizations.

Complete More Tasks with an Intuitive Module

With a Drug Checking module that helps you make effective e-prescribing decisions for your patients, expect to receive alerts regarding these issues:

  • Known allergies.
  • Conflicting or duplicate medications.
  • Suggested dosage.

These automatic features reduces the need for manual checking and helps you focus on the following tasks:

  1. Verify the patient’s records.
  2. Send an electronic prescription.
  3. View the refill requests in the fax and tasks windows.
  4. Track the status of an electronic prescription.
  5. Verify if a refill request matches the prescribed drug.

You can also approve or deny a refill request in different windows. For example, the provider or prescriber can directly approve the refill requests in the My Tasks window. You can also view your patients’ past medications in the Medication History module.

Obtain More Benefits for Your Practice

The IMS system’s integrated e-prescribing features help you improve the security of the medication orders that are transmitted to pharmacies, as well as, comply with the MU requirement. It also includes the following benefits:

  • Improved prescribing process.
  • Reduced call-backs to pharmacies.
  • Improved formulary adherence.
  • Reduced costs on drug substitutions.
  • Speedy verification for patients’ insurances.
  • Real-time access to medication histories and eligibility.
  • Quick access to frequently prescribed and past medications.
  • Reduced delay in sending medication orders to pharmacies.
  • Electronically prescribe controlled substances.
  • Expedite prior authorizations and manage PAs.
  • Connectivity to more than 85% of U.S. pharmacies through Surescripts’ network

Your ePrescribing Solution

We have added e-prescribing features in IMS to help you make the most out of our integrated EHR solution and to also support your local compliance requirements such as New York State’s Mandatory Electronic Prescribing. Your top priority is integrated right into our EHR software so that you do not have to worry about any MU penalty.

Are you ready to e-prescribe with the 2016 White Coat of Quality Award recipient?

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