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Communicate with your patients, their way


Consumers are more connected than ever with their mobile devices.

Empower your patients to stay connected, anywhere, anytime with Patient App.

The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms to help you and your patients create a mobile connection that takes health care a tap further.

App Modules at a Glance

  • Appointments
  • Documents
  • Prescriptions
  • Billing
  • Messages
  • Barcode

Your Mobile Edge

Patient App allows your patients to manage their health on the go. With the app’s integration with the Intelligent Medical Software and patient portal, the app increases your efficiency. You get the mobile edge that includes the following:

  • Patients can easily check themselves in upon entering the clinic with a quick scan
  • Same CarePortal credentials can be used to sign into the app.

Additional Features

Apart from the six modules, Patient App allows you to enjoy the following features:

  • Add-clinic option for patients who visit multiple clinics*.
  • Automatic sign-out feature to enhance information security.
  • Navigation tool for getting directions to your clinic.
  • Patient information and active modules in one dashboard.
  • Option to select which Email/Text Message notification to receive and opt out of.

Health Decisions at Your Fingertips

With Patient App, your patients can do the following:

  • Send a request for an appointment.
  • Edit the details of a requested appointment.
  • Confirm an appointment.
  • Send a cancellation request for an appointment.
  • View the patient document.
  • View their prescribed medication.
  • Send a request for refilling prescriptions.
  • View and download billing statements.
  • Make secure payments.
  • Compose and send messages to the clinic staff and provider.
  • View messages sent from Intelligent Medical Software by their provider or clinical staff.
  • Adjust the Patient App settings.
  • Check themselves in with the barcode feature upon entering the clinic.

As a health provider, you want to give your patients access to health options and help them make informed decisions. So when you give your patients an easier way to manage their health records, you also help them adopt a more proactive stance toward their health care.

With Patient App, you can give your patients the option to make health-related decisions in or out of your office, on the go, to fit their lifestyle.

It’s time to get mobile.

Request a quote for Patient App now.

*For multiple clinics to be added they must be using Intelligent Medical Software and have Patient App.

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