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In this day and age, the business trend of subcontracting has become a byproduct of globalization that has caused a tough global competition to a lot of industries including the ever competitive healthcare sector.

Service providers now a days have seen the dire need to focus on strengthening their core competency, allowing subcontractors to perform processes that allows them to take care of more important tasks, providing reliable, quality, and value added services to the valued clientele.

The healthcare industry is one of the most demanding fields since the goal of most healthcare professionals is to be able to efficiently serve as many clients as possible.

We understand your need for a competent partner that can truly deliver your desired business expectations---improved efficiency and increased productivity that's why Meditab is here to do just that and offer you remote services that enhances your bottom-line!

What can Meditab offer?

  • Remote Services that takes good care of your business
  • Cutting your workload so you can focus on providing the best customer experience!
  • Performing tasks with utter precision to achieve desired results...

Intelligent Medical Office

Our Intelligent Medical Office (IMO) is an in-demand remote staffing service providing clinics and healthcare facilities with competent and highly-trained virtual office staff composed of licensed nurses and medical office personnel that take care of regular tasks cutting down your office staff's workload.

Various office processes like doing reports and office paperwork, sending faxes and letters, processing authorizations and referrals, doing reminder calls and data entry can easily be managed by Meditab efficiently and cost-effectively than any other traditional methods.

Using IMO means saying goodbye to the usual backlogs, delayed submission of reports and findings, lost productivity as well as prevent embarrassing no-staff-available situations that may downgrade your credibility.

IMO efficiently handles:


  • Reduce time-consuming telephone consultations with insurance companies
  • Increase your revenue
  • Work with insurance companies to immediately resolve outstanding claims

Authorization Tracking

  • Check the status of authorizations
  • Obtain required authorizations from your insurance companies
  • Ensure reimbursement by acquiring authorization for expensive tests before you perform them

Referral Tracking

  • Take care of lengthy phone calls and e-mails
  • Monitor and update new referral tracking module especially for primary care and family practice offices

Fax Server

  • Monitor and distribute your faxes
  • Work with staff on tasks that need to be completed, such as faxing reports, lab orders and prescriptions

Reminders and Tasks Management

  • Contact patients, pharmacies and hospitals
  • Arrange timetable for appointments like conventions and conferences
  • Update licenses

Scheduling Patients

  • Contact patients to remind them of upcoming or missed appointments
  • Schedule appointments, maintain scheduler and improve efficiency

With IMO, you can now have as many staff as you require, whenever you need to get the right job done right and on-schedule so you can always focus on providing the best customer experience to your valued clientele.

Utilizing IMO assures to save you not only money but also precious time in searching and recruiting for suitable candidates for your requirements, as well as enable you to increase your revenue.

With IMO, you no longer have to worry about sick days and vacation leaves that can hinder the growth of your organization.

We are here to provide you with qualified professionals to aide you through every step of the way providing the best services to you, our valued clientele.

What makes Meditab the perfect partner?

Efficiency + Integrity + Customer Focus = Results

Over these years, Meditab emerged as one of the leading providers of expert pharmacy and fully integrated ambulatory care health information management solutions in North America.

Combined with in-depth knowledge of healthcare processes we provide system installations, and training with the most comprehensive range of solutions, support, and services available.

With our revolutionary software solutions, we are able to connect physicians, patients, labs, pharmacies and long-term care facilities nationwide.

Utilizing Meditab's customer-driven remote services and cost-effective solutions will enable you and your staff to focus on doing more significant tasks in your clinic so you can provide efficient service and utmost care to your valued patients.

By utilizing the effective outcomes of business process outsourcing as an intrinsic part of your growth strategy, you can achieve your desired results.

And doing business with us will benefit you tremendously as we will enable you to:

  • Renew focus on core business such as attending to your patients
  • Reduce or Control Operating Costs
  • Maximize your limited resources
  • Enhance your performance and improve efficiency, reliability and security
  • Get access to specialized skills that may not be available
  • Establish long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers to gain a competitive edge over competitors
  • Enhance tactical and strategic advantages
  • Provide value-added services to your valued clients to increase customer satisfaction
  • Leverage the extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people
  • Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence and increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
  • Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards

To be successful in your growth strategy, you must be able to choose the right partner with the right vision to guide every step of your way.

And Meditab assures you that a dedicated team is working for your benefits, making sure you achieve your business goals.

With our team of highly-skilled and well-trained professionals, we can guarantee to improve the efficiency of your practice so you can get the appropriate support for time-consuming, oftentimes overlooked but important daily tasks.

Meditab's integrity to deliver desired results to our valued clients that we consider strategic partners reflects our core competency.

Just imagine the savings you can get, the effort you can spare, and the time you can maximize not to mention the profit you can multiply if you partner with us!

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